Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Infinite Temple

Publication: Borderlands

Date: January 2006

Synopsis: After discovering how to move his consciousness between different dimensions, a man decides to use his new talent to climb the social ladder.

The Deal

Publication: The Devil in Brisbane anthology, Prime Books

Date: September 2005

Synopsis: A writer must choose between teaching the Devil the secrets of his craft, or watching his premmie daughter die.

The Dvorak Conspiracy

Publication: The Dvorak Conspiracy eBook (self-published)

Date: July 2005

Synopsis: A tourist learns of the secret conspiracy behind the suppression of Dvorak keyboard.

The Bearded Lady of Rung Sai

Publication: Black Clambroth/The Bearded Lady of Rung Sai (self-published)

Date: June 2005

Synopsis: Second-hand shop owner Joe Valentine reflects on the French circus troupe he met during his tour of duty in Vietnam.

The House

Publication: Borderlands

Date: January 2005

Synopsis: A newly married couple move into their new home. Are they losing their possessions, or their minds?

No Man's Land

Publication: Cafe Doom

Date: December 2004

Synopsis: a World War I veteran reflects on a harrowing Christmas on the front line.

Ad Infinitum

Publication: Shadowed Realms

Date: September 2004

Synopsis: a dying man reflects on his sins and wonders if he is already in hell.


Publication: Dark Tales

Date: January 2004

Synopsis: A military researcher discovers the ultimate shade of black, with horrifying results.

(Note: You can read "Black", reprinted at Cafe Doom)

Straight: a eulogy

Publication: London at Dawn

Date: April 2002

Synopsis: A journalist reflects on the life of a homeless man who just wanted to get things straight.


Publication: Heist Magazine

Date: November 2001

Synopsis: Miles Fotherington decides a game of Monopoly might draw his housemates together, but things get out of hand.